Insurance Newb: Tips for first time filing for BCBSNC

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The world is changing. I see your resiliency during this pandemic- friends, family members, business owners, and communities.

A change that impacts dietitians is the great shift to telehealth. I've been a telehealth provider for three years now and I've always touted telehealth because it's convenient and it allows access to high quality health care. But now I can add to my list of benefits: job security during a global pandemic.

Pre-pandemic, telehealth services were gaining steam but generally underutilized. One of the biggest reasons dietitians didn’t go the telehealth route is because insurance (at least in NC) generally did not reimburse for telehealth nutrition consults.

So here I am, I’ve been a BCBSNC provider for two years, and it is my first time filing a claim. If any other private practice registered dietitians are in this boat with me, here are my tips:

  • BCBSNC has an 

e-manual. I found the most useful section to be the numbers to call for help.

  • If you would like to check benefits using the CPT and diagnosis codes you will need to call the Provider Blue Line

SM: 1-800-214-4844

  • This link from NUCC
  •  provides the best instructions on how to file the claim form CMS 1500
  • This link from Healthie
  •  compiles a list of diagnosis codes and CPT codes to use for telehealth
  • Blue e is an online way to file. Save the helpline phone number:  1-888-333-8594. There are not specific instructions to file a CMS 1500 on Blue e.

Stay safe,

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Maggie Perkins is a registered dietitian that does nutrition telehealth for families. 

She focuses in family feeding, intuitive eating, and Health at Every Size©.

Her private practice, Tomata, is based out of North Carolina.

 Tomata connects families, adults, and children to a dietitian. The nutritionist works with parents on statring solids, baby-led weaning, picky eating, intuitive eating, and health at every size. Clients learn to enjoy food and have body positivity.

The material in this blog is not intended to be used as medical advice. Please work closely with a competent health care team on your specific medical needs.